What are YOU expecting? Thoughts for the start of a New Year…

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“EXPECTING • A 12″ x 12″ oil painting  • ©2016 Marie Scott Studios

“Expecting” is one of many paintings I created during the summer of 2016. But this one was special. I painted it with a friend in mind.

A friend who was expecting.

Expecting. Hoping. Dreaming.

But with a heart that was understandably guarded. A heart that had been on this same course before, but disappointed many times.

It was a similar journey she was on. Once again. But one that appeared to be FINALLY taking her where she had been wanting to go.

I am happy to say that this time — after her miles of patient, expectant travel — she was finally rewarded with the happiest of endings.

I painted this piece to help remind her of the long and winding path she travelled for what felt like too many years.

A reminder that if you aren’t at least willing to take a risk and expect a happy ending your life will never change.

The journey — no matter how difficult, or where the destination ultimately finds us — is what shapes us. Making us into better (and hopefully still strong enough to be “expecting”) people.


Do you know about my monthly desktop calendars? I have been creating them every month since January 2011. Because I think that everyone needs a little more art in their life. One of these days I might stop making them, but until then feel free to enjoy them while they are still around! To get your own copy, simply click on the image above and it will take you to the place where you can sign up to receive “Expecting” as your January computer desktop wallpaper. 

Happy New Year [ AND Happy New Dreams! ]

Marie Scott


2 thoughts on “What are YOU expecting? Thoughts for the start of a New Year…

  1. Marie, I so enjoy your ruminations and artwork, of course! I have a very small painting of yours in my living room and I just love it. I hope one day to afford more. Thank you for enriching my life with your e-mails. Best wishes for a Happy New Year and fulfilling 2017!

    Andrea Martin

    • It is great to hear from you Andrea. Thank you for your encouraging words and for reading along as I think out loud for all the world to read. (What a crazy thing to do!!) If I am remembering who you are correctly, you will always hold a special place in my heart for the day you first came into Home Color and were the first person who helped me to think “maybe opening this store wasn’t such a crazy idea after all!” It did turn out to be a crazy idea, but I didn’t need to know that at the time. 🙂 If you are a different person — who isn’t from the Caribbean — PLEASE remind me of how we met. (But I think I am right??!) Happy New Year to you too!!

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