October 1. Sunflower 1.

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The first of FIVE Sunflowers.

SUNFLOWER #1 • ©2010 Marie Scott • Use this free desktop calendar to brighten up your computer all month long!

SUNFLOWER #1 • ©2010 Marie Scott • Use this free desktop calendar to brighten up your computer, all month-long!

Sometimes I get a little carried away with an idea.

While some people might think it’s a good idea to paint “a” sunflower, for some reason I felt the need to paint FIVE.

Those who know me well, will heartily agree that this is pretty much the story of my life.

I just looked back though this blog to find photos of this “Sunflower #1” painting in progress. And what did I find? Maybe ONE blog post about this painting? Guess again. I found, what appears to be a series of at least FIVE blog postson this ONE painting alone.

[ If you ARE interested in seeing a sunflower painting in progress from day-to-day, you may actually find this in-depth visual study somewhat interesting. (Click here to begin a long trail of blog posts…) ]

What I would find more interesting, would be the answer to the following question: “What would have possessed me to document this painting in such great detail?” Too much time on my hands? (No.) Thousands of interested followers demanding more content? (No.) Then what?

I wish I knew why I always make things more complicated than they need to be. I am sure it has something to do with trying to find more meaning here on earth. A meaning that in reality will never be found until I reach heaven. Hmm. Interesting.

I should probably start working a lot harder — towards making things less hard — trying to be patient with moderate satisfaction and perceived meaning. (At least until I get to my REAL home. My perfectly satisfying home in heaven. Can’t wait!)

To see a series of photos of this painting as it was created, click here.

To read the story behind this painting and to view the online gallery of artist Marie Scott, click here.

To make this calendar your computer desktop for the month of September,
click on the image above, then download it from the new page that opens.
Then simply set it as your desktop image, and enjoy the first of many sunflower calendars to come.


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