My Blue-eyed Mom (The Conspiracy Part 2)

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ON THE ROAD TO ARLES #1 • 12 x 12 • ©2011 Marie Scott

ON THE ROAD TO ARLES #2 • 12 x 12 • ©2011 Marie Scott

The beautiful blue eyes of Ma Belle Mere inspired this pair of French Paintings.

Southern France is one of my mother’s loves. So for Christmas, I painted her a set of paintings to remind her of the beauty of her beloved French countryside.

Having never been to France myself, I simply tried to capture what my mom’s sapphire-blue eyes must find so intriguing about this magical place that she often describes.

I painted the sky to both match her eyes, and to capture the beauty I imagined her to have seen.

I come by my love of beauty honestly… it’s in my DNA, passed on to me from two beauty-seeking parents. 

Here’s a quick movie showing these two paintings in progress.

Music compliments of vocalist Susan Graham.

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