12 Ways to use your Creativity in 2012

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Sign up to make this cute wreath with me! E-mail info@mariescottstudios.com

1.) Make a new wreath for your front door

You would not believe how often I hear the phrase “I wish I were an artist.”

This always makes me sad, because in my mind, anyone who spends time using their creativity IS an artist.

So in the spirit of trying to “make more artists” this year, I’m starting a series of classes to help inspire people to use some of their creativity each month.

I’m calling it “Your Creative Fix.”

The first class is on January 26 (or) January 27. If you’re interested, just send me an e-mail to info@mariescottstudios.com and I’ll sign you up.

If you don’t live in Greenville but want to make this cute wreath on your own, here’s a link to the directions. (I can’t take credit for coming up with this idea, it’s from a blog that two of my dear, creative friends shared with me–completely independently of each other I might add! 🙂 )

Here’s to spending some time each month being creative… Happy Creative You!

Here's the wreath on my front door. In case you're wondering what happened to my snowmen pumpkins from the Dec. 14 post... I'm sad to say they're in the compost heap. They lived a short, but oh-so-meaningful life.

Here are the different fabrics you can choose from if you sign up for my class. I made mine white for winter, but don't let that limit your creativity!

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