painting “hilton head marsh #1″

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This is the photo I'll be using for the inspiration for my newest painting. I took the photo at the Pickney Wildlife Preserve which is adjacent to Hilton Head Island.



Here's the drawing I did on this 12 inch x 12 inch canvas.



After I painted the sky, I started adding the shadow areas into the tree line.



Once the trees were done, I began the marsh grasses. I love how these reflect the light at different times of the day (not like in my photo,) so I'll try to make them as brightly colored as possible.



Here's all the colors of paint I'm using on the grasses.



I then started the water. I just used the same paint that I had used on the sky, since the water is a reflection of what's above it.



RED MUD??! I'm not sure what possessed me to put the orangey red at the bottom...



but I'm glad I did. Sure it's not in the photo, but my photo is blah. I love the contrast of the orange and blue next to each other. We'll see if tomorrow I can tie this all together.



DAY TWO: Now I have to figure out how to make the orange patch look like mud, and not a patch of orange paint stuck on the bottom corner just for fun because I like color.



I'm adding that red/orange color into the brown mud on the left side of the painting.



Then I added a lot more brown and blue into the red/orange area. I think it works!


This is painting number four, in my series of six small oil paintings called “Scenes from Hilton Head Island.”

Since I can’t think of anything more specific, these next three pieces will be named “Hilton Head Marsh #1, #2, #3.”

They are a contrast to the first three which were all beach scenes.

The photos from these marsh paintings were all taken on a bike ride we took through the Pickney Wildlife Preserve. It’s actually its own island which the government owns.

But it’s right next to Hilton Head Island, so I thought that was close enough to be included in my series.

I love the contrast of how these next 3 paintings are of a setting that is completely untouched by man. This preserve is basically one road that winds to the end of the island. Other than a few signs at the beginning which remind you that there’s no bathroom on the island, the road is the only other man-made looking element you’ll find.

If I had to choose between the two different sides to Hilton Head, my preference is this marshy side. The beach is nice, but I don’t really like how crowded it is with people who are paying money to sit around in their swim suits.

I also find the ocean a little frightening. It is too out-of-control for my personality that desires to be physically safe at all times.

I love the serenity of the marshes. And I love how the grasses reflect the light.

So stay tuned for the next three paintings in which I’m trying to capture the elements of the marshes that I love.

Hilton Head Marsh #1, #2, and #3 are next on my agenda!

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