painting “beach umbrellas”

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When it's all said and done this 12 x 12 oil painting will be called BEACH UMBRELLAS.



The first thing I always paint is the sky. You can see I really glopped on the white paint for the clouds.



When that was finished I began painting the water behind the row of blue umbrellas.



When that was done I began painting the umbrellas and chairs from left to right.



I did about half the row on this first day.



DAY TWO: More umbrellas.



When I finally finished all the chairs and umbrellas I moved to the lower half of the painting.



I'm done for now. The sand and grass are so wet that they'll need to dry before I can do anything else.



DAY THREE: the sand is dry so I'm going to add a few more colors to it. I don't like how pastel the grass is right now. The colors got muted from the white in the sand.



Now the grass is starting to look more vibrant. Just the way I like it.



I added quite a bit of dark blues and browns to the base of the grasses. I think this is a nice balance to the row of blue chairs. It also helps the bright green grasses pop out of the shadows.



I think I'm done! Time to let this dry again.


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