Dinner party at Famster HQ

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I think this is my favorite one to date. It's a triple FAMSTER.

Welcome to FAMSTER headquarters--also known as Kyle's Studio.

The fabric...

the pieces...

The finished product! A couch-ful of various kinds of FAMSTERS.

Kyle's FAMSTER goals for her upcoming show: The Indie Craft Parade. September 10-11, 2010 in Greenville, SC.

More FAMSTERS sit outside the studio, along with some of Kyle's many great paintings.

A basket full of LESSTERS (which are little mini FAMSTERS)

The FAMSTERS line every nook and cranny. I love the tree growing up her stairwell.


All Kyle's paintings are done on canvasses she makes with patterned fabric. She lets the pattern show through and weaves it into her composition. So the flowers in the sky are actually the fabric you're seeing.

Here's Zoele... Kyle's sweet, loving dog.

Here's the Zoele the Painting. I think Kyle captured his calm personality just beautifully. I especially love his pink belly.

More paintings, more FAMSTERS. I love the 2 chair paintings hanging over the funky chair.

This painting has a real zipper on it.

Kyle's adorable house. The painting on the left is my favorite one of her pieces. I love how the fields are made from the striped pattern in the fabric. (I wonder if she would trade paintings with me for this one. Hmmm....)

Here are my two FAMSTERS, Tricia and Liam, resting in their bedroom at our house. I think that my favorite painting of Kyle's (shown above) would look great in here... what do you think? Is it too purple? I do love that painting... especially how the road winds off into the distance.

Kyle's plate collection. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out.

I love it here! You can tell that an Artist dwells in this home.

The street number she painted on her front door. Why didn't I ever think to do this?

A cozy reading nook under the stairwell.

The lovely table she had set for friends and family... And dinner was DELiCIOUS! Tender beef brisket, baked potatoes, spinach salad, home made bread, corn casserole, AND gluten-free chocolate cake for dessert. A wonderful evening of good conversation, great food, and creative inspiration was had by all.

My friend Kyle had a dinner party on Friday night and we were invited!

As I was getting ready to walk out the door, it dawned on me that we were heading to FAMSTER Headquarters! So I grabbed my camera, and went there ready to snap some photos of the FAMSTERS in Kyle’s studio.

On my blog I can see what words people search for that has them end up here on my site. Ironically, the number one search term I see showing up is “FAMSTER.”  I did a post on these fun little creatures last winter, and it seems to be one of the most read pages on my site.

Since so many people love the FAMSTERS that Kyle creates, I thought you might like to see photos of the place where they are actually created.

What I did not expect however, was to fall completely in love with Kyle’s home!

Besides her sewing creations called FAMSTERS, Kyle is primarily an oil painter. She paints vibrant scenes on quirky fabric canvasses that stretches herself. The pattern of the fabric always shows through and it a huge part of the composition of her pieces. They are one-of-a-kind-COOL! And I am always so inspired to see what she comes up with.

Her gorgeous paintings, paired with all the treasures she’s collected from Goodwill and other cool places like that over the years, make her home ready for the pages of my-kind-of magazine.

If you’re interested in seeing some FAMSTERS in person, here’s a few places you can find them…

Indie Craft Parade

Mast General Store

Greenville Open Studios

Or check out Kyle’s blog, for her daily “FAMSTERVILLE” posts.

FAMSTERVILLE “365 famsters, 365 days, 365 places – beginning March 1, 2010”

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  1. These are so fun! Maybe I missed it somewhere, but does she have an online store or way to purchase these for those of us out of state?

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