Painting “bird bath” (part 3)

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DAY SIX: I'm finally painting the bird bath part of this piece!

Here's the finished bird bath, shown both on the canvas and in my yard. (You can see a photo of the real bird bath if you look out the window-- it's near the bottom right corner and up a little. I took the photo standing on the left side of the bird bath, facing the left corner of our yard towards the whitish-colored bushes.)

After finishing the bird bath, I'm going back and fine tuning some of the leaves and the flowers. I also decided to make the mulch darker to balance the composition. I want your eyes to rest in the middle of the painting, so I'm making the bottom the same values as the top.

With the mulch darker, it really makes the flowers and leaves pop off the canvas. Now I'm all done! Time to take it outside to photograph it.

I finished this painting today! After getting all the “pieces” painted, I went back and made some adjustments. I put some more detail in the hibiscus flowers that are back towards the woods, and then made the foreground MUCH darker and a little blurrier.

The main focus of this painting should be the middle section which contains the bird bath and the bold hibiscus flowers.

I think the changes I made really make this happen.

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