What’s blooming right now?

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I just love HYDRANGEAS. This bush is beginning its second summer in our yard. I can't believe how much it's grown. Someday it will be 5 feet tall, but even now I think it's beautiful!

Here's one of eight GARDENIA bushes that are bloom right now too. I found these at Lowe's last fall on clearance. When I bought them, I had no real plan of what to do with them (or even basic knowledge on this plant,) other than knowing they were a great bargain. They smell delicious, and light up our yard in the evening with their white blossoms. I have a blossom in my studio so I can drink in the fragrance. No wonder these used to make such a popular corsage.

Blue HYDRANGEAS and white GARDENIAS are flowering in my yard right now. Looking at them makes my insides smile.

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