It’s wall-painting week at my house!

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I have ten gallons of Mythic Paint waiting to be opened up and put on the walls.

After spending the last 482 days living with white walls in my bedroom/bath area, today is the official start to wall-painting week at my house! My in-laws are here, so I’m taking advantage of their willingness to help me with my list of projects. They are also happy to hang out with Nathan when he gets home from school, so my week is going to be spent logging lots of hours painting my walls (and anything else I can find that needs some freshening up around here.)

I’m not sure which I love doing more… painting my walls or creating an oil painting? They are both so rewarding to me.

We’ve used Mythic Paint in every room in this house, and have been thrilled with the quality of their product. A few years ago I developed some really strong sensitivities to anything with chemicals in it. (Too many years of breathing oil paints/thinner finally caught up with me!) Mythic Paint looks great, goes on easily, and most importantly — the smell has never bothered me. It costs more than some other brands, but I think it’s worth it to be able to breathe clean air. 🙂

Time to paint…. Whoo-Hooo! I’m shooting for a tan closet by the day’s end!

My first order of business in painting the closet. Sure, I could just leave it white, but I know once the other rooms are all done that this will seriously bug me. So I'm just going to paint it and get it over with. I know I'll be so happy I spent the time on it. Plus, it forced me to completely clean out the room and get rid of too many things I've been holding on to for too many years.

It took me and my mother-in-law TWO HOURS to empty out the closet, and I've only lived in this house for 16 months... that is ridiculous! I put more clothes in the GoodWill box today than most people in Third World countries will ever own in their live time. That is embarrassing.

The size of this closet is so excessive it's not even funny. Our housing budget went a looooooooong way when we relocated to SC from Milwaukee. I don't ever want this closet to be full.

2 thoughts on “It’s wall-painting week at my house!

  1. I have some serious closet envy here, but I firmly believe that this will be a great use of your time for the amount of sheer delight that it will give you in the future. It is the size of a small room after all!

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