Party at my house tonight!

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These eggs are my favorite spring decoration. (I actually even painted them several years ago.)

Here's the painting... I wish I still had it!

I’m having a salad supper at my house tonight for the women of my church. I am looking forward to welcoming in spring with these new friends tonight. I haven’t completely finished phasing out my winter decorations, but I did put out some things to help the house feel more springy. I’ve made a concerted effort not to spend too much time on this party. (This is something I’ve gotten better at over the years.) Yesterday I cooked a turkey in the Nesco  (thank you Tim for cutting it all up last night!) and also a batch of mashed potatoes that just need to be heated up tonight. Everyone else is bringing either a salad or a dessert.

I thought the photos might inspire you to have a get-together that is fairly inexpensive and simple to pull together. I believe the only thing I bought for the party were some green napkins and matching dessert plates ($4.50), and the $5 bunch of roses on my mantel. The 16# Turkey was on sale for $4.80 (seriously) and the potatoes probably cost about $5 when you include the package of cream cheese that makes them so yummy. So what is that…$20? for a party to feed 15 people dinner! Not too bad…

I wanted to use real dishes tonight, so I brought out our 16-year old wedding china, and our new everyday square white dishes that I found at TJMaxx a couple of months ago. I love that they match!

Here's our dining room. I still can't part with my Christmas Poinsettia. Mostly because it matches my red walls. I have 10 votive candles around it that I will light tonight to make the room more cozy. Don't my flower prints look cute? I had to figure out what to put on this wall because last month I sold the painting that was hanging there. I hate when that happens! 🙂

The sticks in my blue vase are actually Forsythia branches that I am forcing. I keep adding warm water, hoping the leaves will pop out tonight, but I guess I got started too late. There are teeny-tiny green tips of the buds starting to open up. Maybe by next week they will begin to leaf out and flower.

This is still my favorite room in our house. Probably because of all the windows and the fun color everywhere.

My fireplace mantel for spring. Do you remember this painting? SUNFLOWER #5 I said I was keeping it because it was my favorite. But then sure enough, in a moment of weakness I listed it on my web site and it SOLD. I decided I'm going to make full-size Giclee print on canvas in the beginning of April so that I can have one for myself.

BOTTLES! All from TJMaxx last summer. I have a collection of colored bottles that I rotate between my mantel and on top of our kitchen cupboards. I switch them around to complement the rest of the family room decor for that season. I don't think I paid more than $10 for each of these. I love how they add a luminous color to the room.

GRASS BALLS! If I had to choose one decoration to rescue from our burning house, it would be these. I put them away for winter, simply so that I can appreciate them again for the rest of the year. I got them in Florida several years ago. They weren't terribly expensive, but more than I wanted to spend. My mom talked me into buying them. She was right, it was totally worth the investment because they make me happy every time I look at them.

CRACKERS! How cute are these for spring? There are little butterfly and flower crackers. Not much effort involved in making a super-cute, spring appetizer. Step 1.) remove crackers and put on cute plate Step 2.) remove Merkt's cheese spread and put into cute bowl. DONE!

These Hyacinths have been blooming in a pot since last week and smell sooooo delicious. They got so tall though that they were tipping over in their pot. So today I cut them and put them in this vase. They will be the centerpiece on my kitchen island tonight. (I just liked how they looked with the eggs on this tray. My vase of sticks is outside right now sitting in the sun on our warm patio... I'm still hoping it will bloom for tonight!)

I even cleaned up my desk! The corner of my desk under the calendar has literally been one big messy pile of papers since last spring. It just dawned on me Monday that if I got a file organizer that I could file everything and make it neater. (Why did it take me 10 months to realize this? Oh well... I'm so happy that it's organized now. I definitely felt more inspired to paint today once I finished my filing and my workspace was neat and tidy.)

7 thoughts on “Party at my house tonight!

  1. Everything looks so pretty! I got out my “spring decorations” tub today. I’m ignoring the snow on the ground and putting it all out anyway!

    Wish I could be with you tonight. It sounds like a fun–and yummy!–evening!

  2. I hung my forsythia wreath on my door this week, but not before I fashioned a new ribbon hanger for it from my stash of Michaels dollar ribbons that always make me think of you. 🙂

  3. Your pictures reminded me that my son-in-love Brett reminded me more than once that I needed to trim back my forsythia bushes. So, I did, and brought some branches inside. I remembered that I had once cut an article out of the paper about forcing them to bloom, and thought you might be interested in the author’s tips. He says to add lemon-lime soda to the water (not diet), or flower food if you have it. Change the water every few days, and cut the ends of the branches each time. I hope mine bloom, too!

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