Roots: An Urban Gardener’s Oasis

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Yesterday I dropped off several of my botanical giclee prints at a newer shop in Greenville, South Carolina called Roots. I met the store owners over the weekend, as they were also vendors at the Greater Greenville Master Gardener Symposium. They thought my paintings would be a nice addition to their shop so I said I’d stop by sometime and check it out. Little did I know what a gorgeous place they have. It’s overflowing with so many beautiful flowering plants that you can just feel spring in the air when you open the door!

This article I’ve linked to describes the services they offer but I think their tagline sums it up perfectly — “An Urban Gardener’s Oasis.” It truly feels like an oasis inside this beautiful shop. If you need anything to brighten up your home for the rest of the winter, or need to find a unique Valentine’s gift for somebody (or yourself) that won’t die in a week, then you Definitely need to check out Roots.

Five days and counting until Valentine's Day. If you still need a gift, or simply love beautiful things, then I guarantee you'll think it was worth the trip.

I was greeted by a sea of tulips and cyclamen lining the floor by the front door.



Live birds chirping in this cool birdcage...

Mini Kalanchoes (I think that's what they called them... whatever the name, they were adorable!)

I don't know the name of this plant, but isn't it lovely?

This area is part of their planting work-station.

Roots is easy to find. It's located just a few minutes from Downtown Greenville right on the main drag at 2247 Augusta St., Greenville, SC 29605. If you get lost, their number is 864-241-0100. Hours are M-F: 10-6, S: 10-5.

Outside of Roots... so you know what you are looking for. I took this photo as I was at the stop sign shown above, pulling away. (Not the best driving OR photography practice.)

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  1. Thanks for the tour, it really makes a mother smile. I will be looking forward to visiting your studio when I am in Greenville.

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