“wild flowers” painting found under Christmas Tree

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I sold the painting "wild flowers" this week. It was purchased to give somebody a wonderful Christmas surprise this year! Here it is shown hanging in my bedroom. This is the one room in the house that we haven't done anything to yet, so the painting definitely helped "make" the room. I did hang up another in it's place, called "morning glory" until I can paint something specifically created to stay in our bedroom. The room definitely changes it's feel depending on the paintings I have hanging up. I will miss looking at the peaceful water, and sun shining through the weeds in "wild flowers," but am happy the new owners will love this painting as much as I have over the years. Selling a painting has always been a bittersweet experience for me. (I wish I could keep them all, but just like puppies would, they eventually multiply and take up way too much room.)

Here it is in my studio on December 22, right before we delivered it. I wrapped it up so that it's ready to put under the Christmas tree. The painting is 30" x 40," so the box is big enough to be containing a good-sized flat screen TV or some work-out equipment. I hope the recipient of this gift was completely surprised. (I know she'll prefer this painting to a TV!) She first saw "wild flowers" when our home was open for the 2009 Greenville Open Studios Tour, but her husband actually just purchased it for her as a Christmas surprise. How sweet is that??!

Our plans for this room include built-in book cases on either side of the window and wainscoating (sp?) around the rest of the room. I'm also hoping I can talk Tim into building a bumped out fireplace mantel that would go where the dresser is currently place. So I'm waiting for Tim to do all this finish carpentry before I paint the room. Any color suggestions would be appreciated! I'm thinking a soft tannish-green color on top and then painting all the wainscoating a deep cream.

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