Making a Christmas Gingerbread Village

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Here's a look at our completed Gingerbread Village that we created over the weekend.

This kit came with 5 tiny houses to assemble and decorate. It was supposed to be a Saturday project for just me and my son, Nathan. (Lucky for us that we have a structural engineer on staff to come to our rescue in assembling the houses, or we would have never gotten to the fun decorating stage.)

Tim steps in to rescue me when he sees my brain shut down from utter confusion when reading the directions. Each of the five houses were different and needed to be assembled before the fun of decorating could begin. (Nathan took this photo of us as he patiently waited. Pretty good shot for a 6-year old!)

This was definitely a 2-person job. Tim held the walls in place while I piped in frosting to glue the walls together.

Nathan did a great job decorating the houses with candy. He enjoyed sampling each and every kind.

His tiny fingers were just the right size for getting the decorations in the right places.

The little houses are just the right size for eating... (just ask Nathan!)

Here's our village! One of the homes has already been consumed by a hungry boy after school today. What a nice and healthy snack... 🙂