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POSSIBILITIES • 10 inch x 10 inch oil painting • ©2016 Marie Scott Studios

Possibilities are everywhere.
A new school year. A new month.
A new day. A new hour.

Sometimes possibilities are not quite so obvious.
With your head down, trudging through the mundane, they are easy to miss.

Possibilities yearn to found.
Like fireflies at dusk, they flitter around. So briefly they call out.
Asking to be seen.

Where are your possibilities?
Look up. Listen. Linger in their midst.

They are everywhere.
Glistening on the water. Hanging in the sky. Resting in the distant trees.
Their song of hope, fanning the cool breeze of freedom.

Possibilities are everywhere.
Not all worth chasing.
Yet many more, not worth wasting.

SEPTEMBER 2016 Desktop Calendar

Click here to download this free desktop calendar to use on your desktop during the month of September.

Oh, the possibilities of a NEW MONTH! I hope this calendar reminds you to make the most of it…

Always one to consider every-single-last-possible option (and often to a fault),
Marie Scott 

To see all the POSSIBLE paintings in my entire collection of
vibrant, colorful, paintings,
visit my online gallery at www.mariescottstudios.com

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