A volunteer sunflower

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VOLUNTEER SUNFLOWER • 16 inches x 20 inches • ©2012 Marie Scott

I love sunflowers.

Especially when they invite themselves into my yard, and then bloom like crazy for a month.
This lovely sunflower just did that, which is why I had to capture it in paint.

The painting is actually a commission, so it’s enjoying life in its new home in Greenville, South Carolina right now.

I wish we could have spent more time together…

Maybe next summer another Volunteer Sunflower will take up residence under our bird feeder. If it does, I will surely capture it in paint, and perhaps keep it my own home to enjoy its blooms all year-long.

Here’s a little clip which shows photos of this painting as it comes to life.

Click here to read more about this painting on my website.

2 thoughts on “A volunteer sunflower

  1. Marie, one of my favorite things about your paintings has always been how well you illustrate depth of field.

    In this particular piece, in the blurry background, I love how the sunlight is glowing through tiny fissures in the foliage. I can almost imagine watching flakes of dust floating in the shafts of light, much like mid-morning when the sun streams into my living room.

    I swear this painting is alive.

    • Dear Mr. Francis,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my piece. Your timing is impeccable, as just yesterday I was in one of my “i am not doing this anymore” painting funks. As I’m sure you know, it is hard being a creative person. We are all a little over-emotional, which is probably what makes us so talented, yet prone to major mood swings. My 8-year old gave me a great pep talk last night, and then your comment sealed the deal.

      Since I have no other plans… I may as well finish at least these next 3 paintings. 🙂 Then maybe I’ll check into another career. (Yesterday, I did have a serious chat with my husband about learning Autocad and becoming one of his drafters. But that gave me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I better stick with my brushes and stay out of the Steel Mills.)


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