Some questions just aren’t that easy to answer…

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OPEN STUDIOS 2011 at Art Crossing's 201 Studios. I'm currently working in this shared retail Art Space with six other talented artists.

Last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we had a total of 602 visitors at 201 Studios. The reason for all the traffic?

Greenville’s Premier Art Event of the year — Open Studios— was taking place.

“Was it a success?” That is an interesting question. I guess the best answer to that question is “it depends on how you look at it.” 

This year, instead of crying the blues and feeling sorry for myself, I’m choosing to look on the bright side. I met a lot of nice people; I sold some smaller prints and one large print; I am creating the best work I’ve ever done; I have lots of beautiful paintings to look at; I’m surrounded by other creative geniuses; and since moving out of my house, I feel like people are starting to take me seriously as an artist.

Was it worth it? Another interesting (and loaded) question. I could have gone to Mexico (my favorite vacation destination) for the amount of money I ‘ve invested in this little “experiment” of moving my studio downtown, in order to be more in the center of things during Open Studios weekend. But again, I am choosing to be thankful for the things that money can’t buy… Like the happiness it brings me to see all my paintings in one place, as opposed to being spread across the city residing in other people’s homes…Like the fact that my husband, and now even our 8-year old son, don’t blink an eye when it’s time to do all the work THEY are involved with in making a weekend like Open Studios happen…Like the fact that I’ve been able to spend the last couple of years focussing on developing my skills as a painter, and the ability to see myself growing as an artist.

Would I do it again? Every year I get done and say “no way. absolutely not” But then May comes, and I sign up all over again. So realistically, the answer is probably “YES. How could I not? It’s Open Studios!!”

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