putting all my chips on the table (and then some)

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The entire contents of this trailer will make up my booth at the festival.

Today’s the big day. We’re heading to Charleston for the Piccolo Spoleto Festival which is the cross roads for my painting business. I’m praying that this show will give me some clear direction as to whether or not I keep pursuing my dream of becoming a famous painter, or whether (for this season of life) I’m just supposed to be a mom who is a really good painter.

I decided that even if this show bankrupts me–which it literally will, if I don’t at least sell enough to cover my expenses–that I want to end my career going out in a blaze of glory.

So in the spirit of “giving it my all for this one last try” I’ve spent the last several months working on these new things which I’m taking with me to the show.

  • 120 matted prints
  • 250 mini prints
  • 10 framed original paintings from Charleston
  • new curtains
  • new walls for my display

Whatever happens for the next 18 days, I know that God has my best interests in mind. He’s already provided so many things for this great adventure, that I couldn’t even have dreamed to ask. For example: my in-laws sold their house at just the right time to move down here and house/baby/dog/plant-sit while we’re gone. And then my mother-in-law has spent the last 2-1/2 weeks operating as my very own personal assistant, as you’ll notice in the photos. I even had some girl friends offer to help, so I put them to work and together we cranked out 120 mats in just one day.

I’ll keep you posted on the show… off we go!

Here’s some photos of what we’ve been up to these last two weeks to get ready for Spoleto (I still can’t spell that word!)

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3 thoughts on “putting all my chips on the table (and then some)

  1. Whatever happens,you are the most talented painter I know and I love you. I wish the rest of the world would wake up and smell the roses!!!!

  2. Praying for you during this exciting adventure. Love all the pictures. Everything looks great! God will make His will known.

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