my cupboards are bare

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My drying rack is EMPTY! Where did all my paintings go?

MILK CAN • 36 inches x 24 inches • ©2010 Marie Scott

ADAMS LANE • 24 inches x 36 inches • ©2010 Marie Scott

INTERCOASTAL SUNRISE • 24 inches x 36 inches • ©2010 Marie Scott

AUTUMN SCENT (painting of our former dog named Chloe) • 36 inches x 24 inches • ©2003 Marie Scott

Why aren’t there any wet paintings in my drying rack today?

I had a client come this morning to pick up the three commissioned pieces I painted for him in August. It looks so empty without those three paintings, but Ron was really excited about them, so I know he’ll be giving them a good home.

All the “water” and “vacation” series paintings that were filling the rest of the rack are now tucked away in the box I use to transport paintings to shows. They’re waiting to be taken to the Trillium Art Festival on Saturday.

There are a couple of other newer paintings I’ve still got hanging around — those are now filling the spaces in my home where the water paintings had been hanging.

It’s hard for me to be motivated to paint when it’s so empty here in my studio. You’d think it would make me want to paint more quickly to fill the racks up.

Today the empty racks are just making me weigh the pros and cons of breeding collies as opposed to making paintings for a living. (I miss our dog Chloe…)

Tim votes NO to the idea of a collie farm (located in our subdivision,) so I guess I’ll just have to keep painting until we move to the country some day.

3 thoughts on “my cupboards are bare

    • I know you’re not a pet person, so that means a lot that you thought so! Do remember the time we accidentally left her outside during our entire bible study meeting and it was about zero degrees out and she never even barked. We felt so terrible!

      Yes, she went to heaven right before we moved out of our house in Bay View. She was at the point where she couldn’t get up and down the steps and she could barely walk.

      We saw a 4-month old collie puppy when we were getting gas on our way to Atlanta on Friday. That totally got me thinking about how much I love collies. But I think I love not vacuuming all the time even more, at least for now.

      I just need a collie farm because then all the hair would be outside. 🙂

      • I DO remember that! Poor dog! But she seemed very content and not at all frantic, which I’m quite sure means she was a very secure and happy dog! We talk about getting a dog – Gabe really wants one. But one of my biggest hesitations is all the vacuuming. I’m not sure I’d find it a ton of fun!

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