Making a fence appear (“intercoastal sunrise” day 3)

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INTERCOASTAL SUNRISE • 24 inches x 36 inches • in progress

Here's what the painting looked like this morning before I began working on it. I'm happy that the dark areas are surprisingly dry this morning. That means I can get rid of that big black area in the top right corner of the water.

I first started with the grass behind the fence.

Then I got rid of that black shadow. It was way too dark. I put some very thin streaks of yellow and creamy blue over that spot and very gingerly blended it all together, letting the darkness show through. I didn't want to cover it completely--I definitely wanted it to look like a shadow. (Just not a big scary blob.)

It's time to make the fence appear! I'm using 3 colors. First the darkest brown (a mix of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna) on the left edge, then straight out of the tube Burnt Sienna next to it. On the left side of the board I use Raw Sienna straight out of the tube. Then I'll put some more different brown tones down the middle of the board. It will be more random so they each have their own character.

This fence will either make or break the painting.

I'm quite surprised by how the fence is changing the painting -- for the better. Yay!

Yesterday I talked about having to make a conscious effort to ignore the negative voices in my head while working on a commission.

Well then on this particular day of painting, I had a voice in my head that I decided NOT to ignore. The voice of my husband. His voice is very calm, and steady and he doesn’t use any extra words or superlatives. (Yes, opposites DO attract.)

I had painted the first fence post (which is on the side of the canvas–the painting wraps around all 4 sides.) It only took about 30 seconds because it was just a solid strip of dark brown paint. I thought “cool! I’ll be done with this fence in no time.

But then I heard Tim’s voice. Earlier in the week he had said “I think if you make the fence more detailed it will look really good.”


I knew he was right. But it would take soooo long to make it detailed. But he WAS right.

So I listened to his voice (which I should do more often) and I think the results were well worth the extra hours it took to paint those 35 fence boards.

Check back tomorrow to see them all finished!

3 thoughts on “Making a fence appear (“intercoastal sunrise” day 3)

  1. It looks really lovely! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    While I was taking Gabe to school this morning I saw a field that looked like it was straight out of one of your paintings. I’m going to take my camera along tomorrow to see I can can photograph it.

  2. It was too dark and stormy today. I was afraid I was going to get soaked at any minute! I’ll try again on Tuesday. Hopefully they won’t have harvested anything by then! You’d think given Tahd’s profession I’d know when harvest starts, but I have no clue!

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