A friendly visitor at my back door

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If you know what this is, please leave a comment. I'd love to find out what it is!

This huge moth (or is it a butterfly?) spent a few minutes resting on our screen door early one morning. Oh how I love summer!

4 thoughts on “A friendly visitor at my back door

  1. I hope your spider hasn’t grown to freakishly huge proportions, or that moth is toast.

    We have wolf spiders all over the place in our neighborhood. They’re huge and hairy; they look horribly menacing but they’re actually completely docile. I love watching them pounce on june bugs. They’re on them like a crow on a curly fry.

    • REALLY? A spider could eat that moth?

      I have thought of you every time I’ve seen a spider, since your comment telling me to love the spiders in my yard. I am now happily leaving them alone to feast on the bugs in our yard.

      What’s a wolf spider? I don’t like the sound of that. I hope they stay in your part of the country.

      What’s a june bug? I’ve heard of that, but don’t know what it is.

      “Like a crow on a curly fry” … I’m still smiling over that word picture. One morning when I was out really early, I saw about 10 crows trying to rip the ridge vent off of somebody’s house. At least that’s how it appeared and sounded. Maybe they were just happily feasting on curly fries up there on the roof.

      • “Crow on a Curly Fry” is a quote from Roy D. Mercer. He’s a hilarious radio personality who prank calls people on the air and has some reason why he’s going to come and [beat them up]. If you were to ever listen to any of his material (you can buy his CDs) you’ll laugh so hard that it will feel like you just did 200 sit ups.

        “I’ll be on you like a crow on a curly fry” is probably his most family friendly expression. In respect for the atmosphere you maintain on your blog, I’ll refrain from sharing some of his other more memorable lines.

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