window boxes make me happy

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I love my window boxes! I planted these pansies in November, and if I'm as lucky as I was last winter, they will live until May. They definitely cheer me up on winter days.

I planted this window box at the end of May. All I put in here was one hanging basket's worth of trailing geraniums. I simply took them out of the pot and gently split it in half with my hands. It's mid-November now and they still look gorgeous. I cannot believe how large they've grown!

3 thoughts on “window boxes make me happy

  1. I love the plates above your cabinets! Are they ones you already owned or did you buy them for that space? Cute, cute, cute!

    • Wow… you are really observant to notice those in the photo through the window! 🙂

      I bought the plates when we were building our house, not sure where I would put them, but I used them as inspiration for both the family room and kitchen. I didn’t actually decide on a place to hang them up until after we had lived in our house for about 6 months. But they were definitely the inspiration for the fabric and paint colors I chose for the walls.

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