A new dream begins today…

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I am opening up a shop Today.

It’s called HOME COLOR. And it’s the culmination of my Creative Life.

How did this happen?

I have some amazing people who believe in me.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s been happening with this dream lately…

I just painted this funky Goodwill-treasure yesterday afternoon. It’s a small filing cabinet that’s going to hold my Mini-Prints.

This $2 chair was a last-minute purchase for the filing cabinet to rest on. (I spent about 30 minutes painting it as carelessly as possible, and it’s now it’s one of my favorite things inside the shop!)

My mom gave me this basket to hang next to my front door. I just filled it with pansies and Tim hung it next to my front door last night. It will be a friendly welcome to my customers, and a reminder to me of my creative heritage.

The chair in the background is my dad’s. He had it in his class room when he taught Creative Writing, English, and History back in the ’70s — he was the cool teacher with a couch. I re-finished it in 2001 when I opened up my painting studio. It is a family treasure.

My in-laws live next door to us. They have spent the summer doing all kinds of thankless jobs for me to help us get this dream going. From painting the entire shop, to cleaning mold off of my Goodwill finds, to storing my junk, to spray painting old stuff… they are great cheerleaders for my ideas (which often times become bigger than I can handle alone.)

My shop is full of Hour Glasses. I love the subtle movement they add to a room.

This CREATE pendant came in the mail last week from my kindred spirit Kelli.We met 20 years ago in a painting class, and have been through many dreams (and sorrows) together. It’s a good luck charm for my new creative adventure.

This interesting coral sculpture sits on a glass base. I found it in Milwaukee while searching for shop-treasures with my mom.

This bead-board was turned into the most AMAZING sales counter, by my talented husband Tim — the number one supporter of my dream to someday be a famous artist. It’s just one of the countless ways he’s shown me that he believes in my dream over our last two decades together. Come visit me at my shop and we can marvel together at his carpentry skills!

This is the final design I used for my exterior sign. It’s now hanging on the builsing over my window (thanks to Tim!)

HOME COLOR is located at 104 S. Poinsett Highway in downtown Travelers Rest.
(Look for the blue door in the big gray house with the wrap-around porch.)

Wednesday: noon-5 | Thursday: noon-6 | Friday from noon-5 | Saturday from 9-12

9 thoughts on “A new dream begins today…

  1. My heart is beating a little bit faster as I look through the photos. You did it!!! I wish I could come see the shop in person this week. I have no doubt that it is inviting and BEAUTIFUL. I am so proud of you for your vision and the work that it’s taken to pull this off. And I love the exterior sign! 🙂

  2. I’m visitng your shop in spirit today with the very best of wishes for much success, my friend. You are an inspiration, and your community is fortunate to have your entrepreneurial spirit flourish there.

  3. OMG…i am so proud of you! i had an idea something was brewing down south from your blogs, but i never read them closely enough to see what was taking shape. drop me a line sometime so we can reconnect. xo, r

  4. Thank you ALL for being my cheerleaders! I had my computer at the shop all weekend (with no internet) so I just now saw all your comments. Thanks for cheering me on… I think the shop is pretty cute (if I do say so myself. 🙂 )

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