Happy Thanksgiving!

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I am thankful for a sunny day!

I love how the sun shines through my bottles. Each one of these glass vessels remind me of somebody I am thankful for. (From right to left:) My grandma gave me the amber bottle when she and my grandpa moved out of their home. My in-laws bought me the yellow vase when they travelled through Madison, WI. Tim bought me the orange bottle on one of trips to Mexico. The vase in the middle was one I found when shopping with Debbie when we were visiting her mom in Florida one winter. The blue candle holder reminds me of Erin, as she has as matching red one. The blue bottle on the far right was also my grandma's.

I'm thankful that pansies bloom all winter long in South Carolina!

I'm thankful that I found the "perfect" shade of red paint for my front door, and that I didn't leave it Plum (first color) or Rust (second color.) Seeing the door red, makes me happy every time I drive up to our house!

I bought this little pillow last January at "The Cafe @ William's Hardware" in Travelers Rest. It was only $7.00 to begin with, but since autumn was long past, it was marked down to 70% off. You can't beat that price for a pillow!

Nathan and I made Rice Krispie Treats to take to our Thanksgiving Feast today. First you make Rice Krispie Treats using Cocoa Krispies. Butter your hands (I forgot this step) and shape them into circles. You'll need a large and small circle for each turkey.

Nathan and I made a turkey dessert for our Thanksgiving feast. Step one: make Rice Krispie Treats using Cocoa Krispies. Step two: When it cools off a little, butter your hands (I forgot this step) and shape into circles. You'll need one large and one small circle for each turkey.


Aren't these CUTE!!!! Step 3: spread peanut butter on one large/one small circle. Step 4: put small pretzels and candy corn on large circle. Step 5: put small circle on top. Step 5: stick pretzels in bottom for legs, and candy corn on head for beak. Step 6: pipe 2 frosting circles for eyes, put candy in center for eyballs. Step 7: wrap each one in a zip lock bag to keep fresh.. they aren't super sturdy so you'll need to be gentle!

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