What exactly is there to BLOG about?

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Welcome to my brand new BLOG! My name is Marie Scott and I’m a Wisconsin-born oil painter who moved South with my family in 2008, to escape the harsh winters of the North.

I have been wanting a blog for a very long time. Mostly because after creating a web site, that seems like the next thing to do to keep up with the times. However, I had been putting it off for two reasons: 1.) I’ve exhibited in several art shows this past year, so I’ve needed to stay on task and simply CREATE PAINTINGS in order to start re-building my inventory. Aside from time constraints, 2.) the number one thing that’s been keeping me from blogging is this question I keep asking myself: Why would anybody care about what I have to say?

Sure, I wanted a place to post photos of my paintings in their different stages of progress, and maybe a place to add some photos from my different art shows. But other than that, I wasn’t sure what I’d write about, other than things like what I was eating for breakfast. (And the problem with that, is I eat exactly the same thing pretty much every day.)

But then during Greenville Open Studios this year, when my Home Studio/Gallery was part of the tour, I realized that maybe I actually DO have something to say.

Just about every person who came through our doors over the weekend commented on the cheerful feeling we had created within our home, and how the decorating enhanced the oil paintings I was exhibiting.For years I’ve gotten positive feedback on my paintings, but as they’ve never before been shown within the context of my home, I think I’ve been missing something. Creating a beautiful environment is something I’m really pretty good at, and LOVE to do — actually almost to a fault, as it can become an obsession with me if I’m not careful. So it had never quite dawned on me before that maybe other people want their homes to be beautiful too, but just aren’t sure how to accomplish that.

Of course, if you like my work then buying one of my oil paintings will certainly get you on the right track to bringing beauty into your home. But I’m realizing that there’s a lot more to do when decorating a home than just hanging up lovely artwork. It’s about learning how to create beauty from within your home.

Being an artist does give me an advantage to most people in this area. There are certain things I do without even thinking about it that help create  the atmosphere I want. There are basic design principles that are simple and effective, that can at least get you started in the right direction of creating beauty within your home.

Since the opening Marie Scott Studios in 2001, my simple goal has always been to spread and create beauty. I’ve done that through my painting business, and then in my personal life. But I’ve never really had an outlet to combine those two things before. Now that I have this Blog, my intent is to talk about the simple things I do to make our home life more beautiful. I’ll also be sharing my adventures in the art world, as well as sneak-previews of my current works.

But until next time, be on the look-out for something you find to be beautiful… it’s in the eye of the beholder you know.

Warm Wishes,
Marie Scott