the fields need to dry (painting “adams lane” day 3)

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ADAMS LANE • 24 inches x 36 inches • in progress

Here's where I had left off yesterday...

I'm painting the green part of the sign first. Then I'll go back and add the white lines and letters.

The road and the fence start to appear.

All this blue will be shadow areas (not water!)

Now some green and yellow goes on top.

Hmmm. It's starting to look like a field.

Now I'm adding little strokes of blue to make some texture in the fields.

Then I did the same thing with orange, red, yellow, and green. It's VERY wet now. The fields need to dry before I can do anything else on them. Otherwise they will become a muddy mess (figuratively speaking of course.)

Here’s some more photos from the commission I’ve been working on.

I spent most of the day creating the grassy field which makes up the bottom half of the painting.

It’s starting to take shape!

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