painting “milk can” (Day 5)

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MILK CAN • 36 inches x 24 inches • I think it's DONE!

DAY FIVE: Time to get this can DONE!

This middle band end up being trickier than I had expected.

I didn't spend enough time finalizing the drawing, so I was still getting the shape correct with wet paint. That is not the best place to be messing with the composition. A pencil line is much easier to fix than a big thick line of dark paint.

I finally got the band done and then moved onto the bottom half of the can. I love graceful line of the big V-shaped shadow.

Now the bottom band...

I added that orange reflection on the bottom of the can, but I'm not sure if it will stay or not.

I'm getting closer, but this is taking a LONG time. I cannot even count how many layers of blue are on this last section. This may take weeks to dry. I ended up painting over most of the orange highlights because they were distracting. Now they are just barely there.

With just 25 minutes to spare I'm FINALLY done! The very last thing I did once the can was finished, was to add a red shadow that looks like it's under the base of the can. This helped to anchor it to the porch floor. Yay. I Love it!

It’s the final day of painting “milk can.” I was hoping to finish up within an hour so that I could move onto starting my next painting.

Unfortunately, my estimating skills are shamefully inaccurate. Either that, or I’m just getting pickier with my standards. (I do actually think the latter is the case.)

I did finish the painting today, but not until after 2pm. So I guess I’ll just have to wait until Monday morning to start my next piece called  “intercoastal sunrise.”

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