painting “milk can” (Day 4)

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MILK CAN • 36 inches x 24 inches • in progress

DAY FOUR: So far this morning I have gone around the entire painting to put the finishing touches of color on what I had already done.

Then I added some richer shades to the bricks on the porch floor.

It's time to paint the can! Here's all the shades of blue that I'll use.

Starting from the top...

I THOUGHT I'd get the can done in an hour or so. Maybe not...

Here I've outlined the different blocks of color.

Then I painted all the shapes and shadows that make up the handles...

The top is done! (for now at least)

The entire top half of the can--I love that strong shadow line cast by the sun. I had hoped the ENTIRE CAN would be done by now, but my goal may have been a little unrealistic.

Today the FUN begins.

I finally get to paint the BLUE MILK CAN. The part I’ve been waiting for all week!

Here’s my progress on this fourth day of working on the oil painting called “milk can!”

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