painting “milk can” (Day 3)

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MILK CAN • 36 inches x 24 inches • in progress

DAY THREE: I finished up the bricks yesterday, so this morning I started working on the wooden trim that's on the left side of the painting.

I'm still painting the wood and the shadows that give it the dimension.

Still working on the wood and now the window.

Now I'm working on the porch floor.

Here's how I do the bricks: it's a lot of rectangles of different colors inside of each other.

I'm adding lots of oranges and yellow to make the porch floor feel HOT from the sunshine.

The warm shades of orange will help the Milk Can to pop. (It will be blue, which is the complementary --or is it COMPLIMENTARY?--color to orange.

I'm done painting for the day. Time to file my monthly SC State Sales tax and other boring business-stuff like that.

I’m on the third day of my painting called “milk can.”

Here’s the photos of what I worked on today…

Is anyone else crazy enough to photograph their daily work?

E-mail me hour-by-hour photos of your “work” — whatever that may be — and I’ll post the most interesting collection on my blog. 🙂

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