water painting #1

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WATER PAINTING #1 • 30 inches x 40 inches • almost done!

On Friday I worked on the marsh grasses...

I added lots of little lines to give it more texture.

Last Monday, my friend Kyle and I both began working on our goal of “five paintings in five weeks.” I am on DAY ONE of WEEK TWO, and so far have painting #1 just about finished.

At this rate, I have a feeling that Kyle is going to meet the goal before me…. but even though I’m already one day behind, I’m not giving up yet!

(The piece I’m temporarily calling) “water painting #1” is proably 95% done. It needs to dry some more before I can go back and put the finishing touches on the grasses in the foreground.

I spent most of today working on the water/grass in the lower right corner. Then I went back and put the thinnest glaze I could make of blue over the entire sky to make the clouds blend together more.

Here I was at the end of my day last Friday.

And here I was at the end of my day today. I got to a place where the grasses were too wet so I need to put this aside. I spent the rest of the day putting some highlights on "boat dock" and "beach." Two paintings from my VACATION series that are just about done.

9 thoughts on “water painting #1

  1. This painting is incredibly beautiful.Where is it located. I love the light touch on the marsh grasses.Keep it up.

    • Thanks! It’s from Edisto Island. We went camping there over Labor Day weekend and I took tons of photos. A few others in my new series are from the same area. I think marshes are my favorite kind of water to be around. The ocean is pretty, but I don’t like the wind… it’s nice and calm by the marshes.

  2. I admit that I was surprised at how dark the bottom right corner was in your last post, but I love the way you perked it up today by layering the colors in. It wasn’t dark in a bad way, but I didnt’ think it was finished based on your love of bright, sparkling water.

    It’s so fun to see how your work progresses through this blog. It’s almost like the old days of painting together in Colonial–except that only one of us is doing the painting now. Keep up the good work, my friend!

    • This is an example of a painting where for 80% of the time I’m thinking “how am I going to do this???” It was especially challenging to try and work at a faster pace. Only because that means thinking about working around drying time. But I think it was a good exercise… I do like the dark corner much better now too. I took the photo in my studio, so the whole thing is darker than the original. When the sun comes out again I’ll take it outside for a more accurate photo.

      I hope you really do get your paints out this summer while Scott’s at softball. You need to get back into that, Mrs. “Best of Show” 1992! 🙂

    • The sky is a little mellow compared to my others, so I’m glad you like it. All the skies in this series are an experiment, so we’ll see how they turn out. Yes! I hope you can come over Memorial Day!!

  3. Oh Jennifer – what a beautiful painting! I want to go there. It looks mellow and safe and expansive all at the same time. Beautiful work!

  4. hooray for not giving up. just having goals works for me, even when I don’t reach them EXACTLY… something about having them moves me forward, everytime.

    Your painting is beautiful!!

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