Signs of Spring — Greenville, South Carolina

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Here's the back entrance to Falls Park on the Reedy River. If you've never been to Falls Park in downtown Greenville, you would not even believe how beautiful it is. There are flowers EVERYWHERE. All year-long. (I'm not exaggerating. It's worth the trip to Greenville just to see this amazing park in the middle of downtown.)

On Sunday we were in downtown Greenville, driving the course for the Reedy River Run which all three of us will be running in this weekend. (This is the first official race I’ve ever ran, so I’m kind of nervous. My main objective is to cross the finish line on foot, and not in an ambulance.)

It was a beautiful sunny day so I brought my camera along. Here are just a few photos I took of some signs of spring. We really were just mapping the run, but the spring flowers called to be photographed. Hopefully they will bring some cheer to your winter day (unless like one of my readers you live in Hawaii… well, then they probably aren’t that exciting.) 🙂

However, if you live in the North as many of my friends and family do, and are coveting my spring weather, rest assured– winter is still alive and well down here in Greenville, SC. It is actually snowing right now, so Greenville County Schools are dismissing early at noon today. (How many more days until summer????)

Here's where the 5K will end on Saturday morning (which is the run I'm doing--Tim is doing the 10K, and Nathan is doing the Children's Fun Run.) I've seen this red sculpture plenty of times when I was down by the Falls, but now that I'm looking at the photo, it reminds me of somebody leaping for joy. That is really cool.

Purple Pansies! This whole city is dotted with Pansies all winter long. I cannot even tell you how much I love that. It is refreshment to my soul to have these cheery little flowers smiling at me even though it's still not spring.

DAFFODILS! Seeing these popping up from the cold soil makes me even more happy. They are the definitive sign that spring is truly on its way. (Why haven't I planted any of these in my yard?!?! Next fall I will ask for a sea of daffodil bulbs for my birthday.)

2 thoughts on “Signs of Spring — Greenville, South Carolina

  1. I think the red statue looks like a runner bursting through the tape at the finish line. To me it is a ‘he’, but he’s happy that he didn’t cross in an ambulance either. Best of luck to all of you in your respective runs this weekend!

    • Yes, I can see that! Maybe I’ll just keep an image of meeting the the “red runner” in my mind while I’m running. Can you even believe I’m doing this? It’s totally peer pressure 🙂 It seems everybody we know down here runs, and I was tired of feeling left out.

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